Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Painting Number 2

Having taken almost 6 months and 150 hours to finish my first painting(, I wanted to complete something in a much shorter period of time.  Well it started out as a week, but really took 2 weeks.  After showing it to my art instructor, 88 year old John, he suggested it still needed some work, so I spent another few sessions with it.  I'm finished now as far as I'm concerned.  On to the next project.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A little while with Rick.

Rick and I have worked together many times over the years.  A trained and practicing medical professional, he diverted a number of years to being a professional photographer.  Living on a small farm out in the county, I thought it a good time to go visit and take some pictures not only of a nice setting, but also of a good friend.  There was plenty to see along the ride out and back and will add more pictures in the next few days. Rick continues to shoot great images and works at WakeMed in Raleigh.

I left Rick and traveled back into town the back way down country roads that although are built up with suburban homes still have that country flavor.  While stopping at the Village Grocery store on Buffaloe road, I met Julie who was willing to wear a house coat to get some supplies.   Obviously people know Julie, one car full of friends making sure she wasn't talking too much due to recent surgery or some such...another just saying hey!  She didn't care what people thought.  "Life is too short...and we just don't know how lucky we are to have the freedoms we do" she says.  A "promising writer", Julie has already finished a book on her life.  Having to deal with married life at 16...divorce...the loss of her children to her ex-husband...the recovery or kidnapping back of her children and the subsequent jail time that followed wasn't something that she minded sharing with a stranger.  Now with two children in college and two more at home, she is president of her local homeowners association and very active in the kids school PTA.
"Everyday I am amazed that I can open a refrigerator and there is all this stuff" she says.  We don't realize how important those freedoms are and they can be lost.
I am always struck by the stories that I get meeting people in passing.  It's the camera that allows me to connect, but although I usually make a nice photograph out of it, for me personally it's the story of the person that I most remember and appreciate.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tim. RotoRooter Plumber. Blue Collar Series Continued...

Tim had a hard time trying to fix my water heater, but I enjoyed talking to him about his football days.  Having played at Millbrook High School in the early 80's, he knew many of the players that went on to play at NC State and other schools.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Turning the mundane into something brilliant! The Workshop!

Over the years I've had numerous requests to do hands-on photography workshops that will provide students with the tools that I use to create images that normally might be acceptable, but with the right approach and certain techniques can turn that image into something extraordinary.  If there is still any interest, then contact me via email and I'll put you down for when I actually put together the workshop.  It will probably be a one day or one long evening class in the $100-$300 range depending on time and the number of students.  I'll also offer a one day one-on-one session with individuals interested for $1250.00.  Obviously students will be required to have a basic understanding of Photoshop CS and plug-ins and may be required to buy certain additional software.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Anatomy of a Storm

After running out of gas first in my 1978 Ford pickup with a bad fuel gauge, then breaking down 20minutes later with a plugged up fuel filter, I barely made it home to take Gillian out to riding lessons.  As the sun started to illuminate the clouds, I grabbed my camera which I had quickly retrieved before heading back out.  I was glad I did.  With deepening darkness and ever more threatening clouds it wasn't long before the down pour hit.  Once the storm passed I realized how good the light was and headed back out hoping to capture the KK doughnut sign.  I was inspired by good friend Rick Ward who had posted a photograph of the sign last week.  I thought the ever more dramatic sky would make for a nice image.  Alas the lights weren't on.  When I asked the girl in the takeout window to turn them on, she looked at me and said "I think the battery's run out maybe!".  I'm glad she has a job to go to.   Managed to photograph the Frank Harmon designed Architecture building around the corner before heading home.