Monday, November 24, 2014

New work.

I've enjoyed this process, although it's taken a great deal of experimentation to be able to recreate what originally was a series of miscues on my part, which despite my original errors turned out really well.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Askew Taylor Paints & Art Supplies

I've known Kirk for going on 20 years now when my studio was just a few blocks from Askews.  I've probably purchased paint from there going on 27 years.  Askew Taylors is a Raleigh institution dating back to 1946 when Kirk's grandfather ran a painting and finishing business.  I used to get my Benjamin Moore paint mixed up there in the back where the color mixing machine still resides.   Kirk's father T.K. and he could both mix the right color just by looking.  No need for color analyzers and computers.  T.K. and the Benjamin Moore business are both gone now.  Keeping it in the family, Kirk and his daughter Helen have now turned it into strictly an art supply business, something Kirk started after a couple of years in design school primarily to help with the slow months.  It soon grew into half the business. The remnants of old inventory dating back years still populate the many cluttered rooms and hallways of the store.   It's always an adventure to explore the upstairs.  Every time I go I see something new.  Today I found a collection of scale commercial airline a Cathay Pacific Airlines 747 similar to the one I flew on when I went to Hong Kong in 2006.  I started painting a little over a year ago and it's been fun to head over to Askew's and get my brushes and other supplies.   If you plan to visit and you should, Askew's is at 110 Glenwood Avenue downtown in the heart of Glenwood South.

Monday, November 10, 2014

A new greeting card...

This is an outtake from a shoot this past weekend that will be added to our greeting card collection.  I realized that I've spent so much time updating my Facebook presence, that I have completely ignored my Blog.  I'd rather be out shooting or creating...painting...etc., rather than talking about what I do on a blog.  I can be long winded and it can distract me from the actual creative process.