Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brent 1998/Brent 2011

I have enjoyed following up with subjects that I visited many years ago. The 1998 session with Brent seems like it happened yesterday. Like much of my work, I can remember exactly how I shot it...(faces I always remember, yet names I struggle with...even some of those I've known for years. Please forgive me if I seem to have struggled with a name in the past.)
I've known Brent since high school. He was the individual that seemed born to be on stage. As long as I've known him, he has been involved in plays, musicals, singing, playing the guitar. He is incredibly talented. In 1998, Brent responded to an Ad I placed in The Spectator magazine looking for interesting subjects that wanted to be photographed. The photograph on the left I made on polaroid type 55 film and is one of my favorite black and white images to this day. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to add to my recent before/after/then/now project. I even had some Type 55 film that I shot today...saving for a special occasion such as this. I'll add those later once the negatives dry. I have forgotten how long it takes. Patience Simon...patience.

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