Monday, July 29, 2013

Raleigh Project (Continuing)

I'm currently working on a project through August highlighting ...what else... the City of Oaks!  Trying to get photographs of each of the various college and universities here locally, but have to be careful not highlighting one over another.  Difficult.  I ran out tonight after dinner at PR's with my biker buddies.  Great sky.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Painting again.

My third painting finished...and the first by just looking at a scene in front of me.  The challenge lay in the fact that it took me three days to paint while I was at the beach.  During that time obviously the weather and subsequent clouds changed dramatically.  I had to work towards an impression of the scene (I guess that's why it's called impressionism) something that I have always tried to do with my photography, although often having to settle for the specific moment.  This allows me to portray what I want.

Blue Collar - Continuing Series

I had wanted to go up in the pilot house of the Southport ferry on several occasions, but never asked before today.  Chuck (second photograph) was taking a break in the main cabin and I asked if I could take his photo for my series.   I then asked if maybe I could go up into the pilot house and photograph the pilot who in this case was MaryBeth Ray...who along with piloting the ferry also ran a paddle board teaching operation.  Ron Hilton or "Nor" as he was called looks like the seasoned veteran he probably is.

 Bo, was sent over to the condo from the HVAC company.  He was the the shop guy that worked with all the sheet metal.  He was obviously a tough hand at metalwork.  "I use the most expensive tape in the world...Duct tape!" he laughed.

I stopped off in Elizabethtown in order to get a bite for lunch and found the Corner Cafe right smack in downtown.  I had initially walked into a Sushi place, but decided I can't go to a small North Carolina town and have Sushi.  The Corner Cafe was obviously the local hangout and an establishment that had been around for a while.  It's also some place I could get breakfast for lunch.  Pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast.  I was served by Teresa, Randy, and Maachah who definitely qualified for the blue collar workers series.  They stayed busy.  Before leaving I had to chat with Michael, a retired teacher and football coach from the area.  We enjoyed chatting about the Valvano days at NC State.