Wednesday, March 23, 2011

83 Celebration!

With the start of the NCAA sweet sixteen this weekend, I thought I would post this composite image that I just created for a neighbor whose father is a huge NC State fan. I was the student publication photographer shooting for the yearbook and newspaper that day in 1983 when NC State beat Houston to win the National Championship. It was a wild finish. I was young and shot too much film that day so I ran out when before the trophy was presented. However, I got two photographs that not many other people have. Lorenzo Charles' last second dunk to win the game and Valvano running around like a mad man trying to find someone to hug. In the composite, the image of Lorenzo Charles obsures another large photographer that stood got in my way as I was shooting. The next image shows much of the team celebrating, but Valvano is gone from the frame. At the time, you think that this is what is supposed to happen when NC State plays basketball. Little did we know that it would be downhill from there and as we very quickly approach 30 years since that event, we realize how one has to appreciate those moments we have that may never be repeated in our lifetime.
If you would like a copy, please visit this link.