Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Good Hair!

Stacey was my mother's attending nursing assistant at the Emergency room on Monday night.  She was so caring and helpful with mom who was nervous and scared that she potentially had a stroke.  No stroke...just a pinched nerve allowed us to take her back to her room in rehab versus getting admitted.  I thought Stacey's hair was fantastic.  I've been wanting to watch Chris Rock's movie call "Good Hair" for a while now and never got to, but I asked politely if I could perhaps photograph her this week. Stacey I'm sure was initially a little apprehensive.  There are plenty of crazy people in Emergency Rooms.  However, after looking at my website, she agreed and seemed excited.   It turns out Stacey had never had a real photograph made before.  It is really too bad.  At least now she has.

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