Monday, January 13, 2014

Dad in the workshop.

My 85 year old father moved with mom last year into a retirement living community not far from my house.  Their health was not such that they really were going to be able to take care of a large house anymore, so we finally convinced them to move into something that would offer extended care when the time came.  Unfortunately, Dad had a workshop full of tools that he cherished and had to give up.  I salvaged as much as I could from the estate sale and with the help of some friends moved it into my own unfinished garage.  Funnily enough, my garage is almost 85 years as well.  Right before Christmas, I went to work converting the unfinished space into a place that he can come over and tinker with his tools.  Last year we painted every monday.  This year, I think you'll find us in the workshop...maybe making frames.

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