Monday, February 20, 2012

NC State honors the 1988-89 Basketball Team

When I heard that NC State was going to honor the 1988-89 basketball team at the UNC game Tuesday night, I decided to pull out the binder full of images from that season. I recently moved all my negatives and files closer to home such that I could pull photographs more easily. At 11pm, I realized that there were just too many images that I could scan from that season. Looking through the images I saw a lot of bench participation, something that seems to be lacking this year. I also looked for some image of Corchiani or Gugliotta having words with a referee, but I didn't find that either. After an hour of culling and scanning, I was sleepy and done. All the images shown are from the 88-89 season and feature the key players. I hope only that this year's home game against UNC will be exciting, closely matched, and perhaps State will be the better team for once.

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