Wednesday, September 14, 2011

EZ Riders & The Purple Hayes!

After a nice conversation with Dave MacMillan of CapStrat about whether or not I have ever or will ever shoot video...the answer being probably not...I find myself engrossed in iMovie for the first time. Definitely fun to play with and reminds me of some of the slide shows I put together with music back in college. This video was produced with the original GoPro (non HD) camera that I attached to my wrist. I borrowed it from a friend on Friday last week and didn't get a chance to do any testing at all before New Bern...the site of the 2011 Bike MS 150. Basically I committed the cardinal sin of shooting with an untested camera. Wait a minute...this was a test... Typical results...first few video's didn't even work...and then it turns out the lens is pointed upward somewhat so although I was shooting straight...I was shooting the sky in many shots. Oh well. Got enough to show some footage to our next year sponsor Nexsen Pruet. My plan was to possibly buy the latest GoPro HD camera...but not sure now. I guess you can't really beat the price.

Yes...I did ride 200 miles this weekend. Thank you to all my sponsors who helped me raise over $2000 with a team total of over $20,000 this year. If you are still interested in sponsoring's not too late. Go to my quicklink:

And if you are wondering if I misspelled the word "haze" is a reference to original team member Hayes Hyman who went down hard in the last 5 miles and has purple bruises this week.

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