Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Portraits of Raleigh II

It's not very often that in a show of 40 images and 20 photographers, that one individual gets 5 pieces selected, but we were really pleased to find out that we were one of those individuals. The Raleigh City Museum is hosting it's now annual Portraits of Raleigh Competition starting this Friday night August, 6th, 2010. Out of 100's of entries, we had 5 images selected that cover almost 30 years of my career from 1982 to 2010. Additional images were selected for the digital show.
All but one of the images could be considered purely personal work. It just goes to show you that I probably don't do enough of it. "Rodin's Best Friend" is one of my favorite photographs and was taken on the last day of the Museum of Art's Rodin exhibit of 1999-2000.

Please come on out Friday night to the opening! Music and Wine...and lots of folks! Should be great. All the photography is available for sale and one image receives a prize awarded by popular vote. Obviously I would love you to vote for one of mine, but vote for your favorite and we'll let the chips drop where they may! :)

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  1. As a followup, we were excited to find out that we captured 2nd and 3rd place in the show. Out of so many entries, THAT is pretty cool.