Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nicki - Followup

At 16 years old, Nicki has been a faithful companion for me ever since we moved into the studio on St. Mary's street. Her name Lady Nicola of St. Mary's was her official AKC title. Sadly, Nicki will be moving on tomorrow as her body finally gave out this week. Believe it or not, only two weeks ago she was still chasing a tennis ball and frisbee. Not with the vigor of two years ago, but still excited enough to bark in anticipation when I bounced the ball. I wanted to include her in my followup series, and although she doesn't look well (she wasn't) she stood long enough to get an image out by her favorite fire hydrant. This is another of the series that due to the setting really emphasizes the change in Nicki's appearance in the two years since the first picture was taken. Obviously she will be missed. I imagine over the next few weeks, I will still be cautious about where I stand up, as she was always at my feet. Maybe tomorrow morning she will get that piece of chocolate that she has always wanted.

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