Monday, August 19, 2013

Next stop...Raleigh.

Hoped to capture the North Carolina "Piedmont" train arriving at dusk tonight, but unlike European trains, if it arrives within 15 minutes of it's scheduled arrival time...then it's on time. was on time, but 15 minutes late.  :)  European trains depart and arrive exactly when they are supposed to.  However, I did get some nice light when I arrived and was able to get a couple of interesting shots of the station.  Later the train pulled in, but I struggled with the bright head lights.  Will probably head back there again earlier next summer, when it's still light when the train arrives.  Hopefully it will be on time...or better yet...early.


  1. These pictures are still awesome. Let's take the train sometime!

  2. Sounds good Danal. Train to DC or NY would be a great road trip.

    1. Wait....that wouldn't be a road trip would it?

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