Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Drop of Golden Sun!

Somewhat tongue in cheek, I was out and about this evening to potentially capture the SuperMoon as it rose over the capital city. I read with interest several nights before a commentary about another image that was misrepresented as real with the moon rising in the North and about 20 times bigger than it actually should be from the perspective. As a journalistic enterprise, I thought it wrong to not characterize the photograph as an illustration rather than a documentary image of the event. So I decided to create an illustration that challenges what is real and what isn't with something that is obviously a parody. I was amazed at how many were fooled into thinking that the image was staged with actors, but didn't even question the validity of the rainbow! By the way... the rainbow was produced with a special hose just off camera that allowed a fine mist to create a rainbow in the sunlight.:) There was a deer in the shot...a doe..a female deer way far in the background with a long long way to run before I was able to catch it. As for me, it's a name I call myself, so as if pulling this image together with needles and thread wasn't easy, I certainly enjoyed working on it while drinking the tea with jam and bread. Moral of the story is...don't believe what you see or read. It is all a manipulation. There is nothing wrong with it, but be sure to be aware.

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