Saturday, May 12, 2012

Followup series continued: Broken Heart Diaries!

Next week I am planning to showcase a before and after photograph of a mitral heart valve that is in need of repair and the resulting image of the skilled surgeons elaborate fix. Obviously I asked for volunteers and due to the fact that no one stood up, I felt it necessary to stand in for the subject matter. As it happens, my own mitral valve was found to be leaking and it seemed the perfect opportunity to participate in my own project. What an adventure!?!  How many people get the opportunity to view the inside of their own heart! Obviously as a disclaimer I will not be taking the actual photographs, but will be directing ahead of time and editing the best images. This is what I do best.  It's not going to be the easiest shoot of course and we will be on location at Duke Hospital for 6 days including an overnight of preproduction.  It's probably the most expensive production to date and we are budgeting well over $100K for the project, with post production and followup to last potentially as long as 6 weeks. However, the possibility exists that I might be able to work on other projects as soon as 3 weeks.  Fortunately Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina has signed up as a sponsor and will cover almost all of our expenses and fees.
Although there are several concerns and risks about the shoot, my biggest fear is the possibility that I will find myself loving Duke basketball.   I have been assured that this is only a temporary side effect and usually only afflicts those with more severe UNC affiliations.  Another concern is that Blue Cross is likely to ask for a financial return on their investment starting in January of next year.

Not sure when the next post will be, but looking forward to a few weeks of recovery where I won't have to drive.  The postproduction notes did say that light house work will be fine after a week at home and my  wife and business manager has assured me that it will be fine and dandy to do so.
If you want to see the procedure that I will be undertaking, please feel free to visit this link. Obviously there are variations that are possible, but this is the hopeful outcome.  WARNING: Not for the squeamish!!

The above image was taken the today before starting the project combined with a Transesophageal Echocardiagram of one of my valves.  Main production kicks off early Monday morning with post the rest of the week.  Hopefully back in my own bed by Friday.   Lucky enough to get one more bike ride in today as well.   Happy Mother's Day too!

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