Friday, January 29, 2010

Ode to iApple

iAm sure the iJokes about iPad will soon iDissipate...
although iThink the name might have been iBetter as iSlate.
But what do iKnow about naming such an iCool iDevice?
iJust iHope it is something that many around the iWorld it will iEntice.
however iNeed another iComputer like a iHole in the iHead.
My iWife would rather have me take an iPill instead.
Though you've got to give it to iApple for always being first out of the iGate...
but they always seem to leave a few iCustomers a little iRate.
iLove to see what happens iNext in the grand iScheme of iThings.
iJust have to be able to iText all the iLife that iApple iBrings.
so iLeave you with something iThought you would iLike...
as iHead out the iDoor perhaps on my iBike.

but as iLook out the iWindow, there is something iKnow.
the iWeatherman is iPredicting 6" of iSnow.

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