Monday, November 15, 2010

What's the matter with shooting the neighborhood?

Raleigh has some of the most beautiful fall color, and due to the dry summer and then early rain in the fall, some of the trees are wonderful this year. I decided that I needed to start shooting more around the city. As a board member of Trees Across Raleigh and a frequent visitor to the Raleigh City Museum, I think I have somewhat of an obligation to document Raleigh as much as any other place that I might visit. Photographers tend to show work from their travels as opposed to their local environment, yet our neighborhood is where we are most knowledgeable. This weekend, I did something I hadn't done in a while and that is carry a regular camera with me where ever I went as opposed to the iPhone. As a result, I think I was a little more inspired although I did work at it. The dog in the window, however was just slightly more than a grab shot. I was passing down Boylan Ave. after the Old Reliable Run in downtown. The police wouldn't let me go where I wanted to go, so I was forced to circumnavigate the downtown area. I was stopped at a light and saw the dog looking through the window, no doubt looking for his master. I grabbed a quick shot first, then went to park the car. He/She was still peering through the window when I got back there and was able to get several shots off. It was a classic moment and made my day.

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