Monday, June 3, 2013

Anatomy of a Storm

After running out of gas first in my 1978 Ford pickup with a bad fuel gauge, then breaking down 20minutes later with a plugged up fuel filter, I barely made it home to take Gillian out to riding lessons.  As the sun started to illuminate the clouds, I grabbed my camera which I had quickly retrieved before heading back out.  I was glad I did.  With deepening darkness and ever more threatening clouds it wasn't long before the down pour hit.  Once the storm passed I realized how good the light was and headed back out hoping to capture the KK doughnut sign.  I was inspired by good friend Rick Ward who had posted a photograph of the sign last week.  I thought the ever more dramatic sky would make for a nice image.  Alas the lights weren't on.  When I asked the girl in the takeout window to turn them on, she looked at me and said "I think the battery's run out maybe!".  I'm glad she has a job to go to.   Managed to photograph the Frank Harmon designed Architecture building around the corner before heading home.

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